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12 Amazing Tips For A Bikini Ready Body

Image Source: Realbuzz

If you’re looking forward to two weeks on a sun-kissed sand, relaxing and soaking up the sun, you’re going to want to look and feel your best on the beach. Toned legs and upper arms, a slim waist and that ‘fitness healthy glow’ don’t appear overnight, so the key to getting ‘beach-fit’ is to start your health and fitness plan early, rather than attempting a crash course in training and dieting.

This way you’ll have plenty of time to get in shape and keep the weight off unlike fad diets that make you pile on the weight just days into the holiday. So what is the best strategy to get fit for the beach and make sure you look good for your holiday? Follow the training and dietary advice below and you’ll tone up, shape up and feel good in your bikini body.

1Resistance training

More muscles will mean more fat burn, simple! Don’t worry that you’ll bulk up or look ‘manly’ as women don’t have enough testosterone to muscle gain as much as men, instead your body will become toned, tight and slender. Toning up your muscles will not only burn more calories but will make you feel great!

Weight training also causes your metabolism to burn for a longer time than cardio, meaning fat continues to get used up even when you’ve stopped working out. Your fitness will improve and the changing shape of your body will make you feel more than able to rock that bikini!