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7 Of The Worst Gym Mistakes To Avoid

Image Credits: Victor, Source: Pexels

Is that gym-toned beautiful-bod eluding you no matter what you try? Everyone from complete newbies to seasoned veterans can make mistakes in the gym without even realising it – here are seven of the worst that you need to avoid.

1Sticking to the same machines

The gym can be a scary and intimidating place, so when you find a machine that you’re comfortable with it’s often tempting to use it as much as possible. However, this will hinder your progress. You might enjoy a few weeks or even months of pound shedding and muscle building, but eventually this repetition will be your downfall as your body adapts to it and starts to burn less energy. A study carried out at Curtin University found that mixing up your workouts not only helps you burn fat and develop muscle more efficiently, it also helps to ward off muscle inflammation.